What Size Curtains For 72 Inch Wide Window

What Size Curtains For 72 Inch Wide Window

What size do I need for a 72-inch window? Well, buying curtains for a window is sometimes a difficult job. You want them to look nice and make sure they fit properly. And the more windows you have, it usually becomes more challenging. But when did you last measure your windows? I’m willing to bet that it has been years since you’ve taken this step.

Curtains are a layering tool. That’s it. But in reality, curtains serve a variety of purposes. They can change the color and look of a room you love but hate the color of its walls; they can hide an ugly piece of furniture (like a TV); they can dim a room so you can sleep at night; they can reflect light and brighten your space; and much more.

Measuring For Window Curtains

Many people don’t know how to measure for curtains, but it’s not as hard as you might think. If you’re lucky, your windows will already have marks indicating where the top and bottom of your curtains should be. If it doesn’t, don’t panic, follow the instructions below to measure your windows properly.

The Width

One of the most important things to remember when choosing curtains is that they should be wide enough to cover your windows. You should make sure that the curtains have a width at least twice or thrice that of the covered window. This also applies curtains that come separately in a pair. You can also opt for ready-made curtains which are sold in pairs.

If you’re looking to create a beautiful window treatment, there are three levels of fullness:

  • Standard fullness (multiply by 2): This gives you a light and airy curtain.
  • Deluxe fullness (multiply by 2.5): This is a thicker, more luxurious look that will make your windows look even larger than they are.
  • Ultra fullness (multiply by 3): For the most dramatic effect, choose this option for curtains that really stand out from the wall and provide a lot of privacy.

Ultimately, the fullness you decide to go for defines the achieved style. If your window width is 72 inches and you want to get a standard fullness, you should buy a curtain that is at least 144-inch wide. Rounding the figure off to the next full number (for example 150 inches) would be great too.

However, there is one exception to this rule. When you hang curtains to frame a window that you don’t plan to use, they can be half the width of the window. Then you should round off the width of the window to 1½ times the width of the window.

The Length

Choosing the right length of curtain for your window is just as important as picking out the right color. Here are some tips to help you measure for the perfect curtain length.

In determining the length of the curtain, you should measure the window height first. This will help you determine how long your curtains should be and if they need to be hemmed or not. It’s also important to make sure that the curtains are long enough so that they don’t touch the ground when they hang down. If they do touch the ground, there will be a lot more dirt and dust on them than with shorter ones!
Basically, the higher the curtain is placed from the window, the higher it will give the room’s sense of height. And the length of the curtain could make the room look higher if the length is maximized.

choose curtain width and length
Curtain Width and Length Demo

Texture and Design To Consider

Texture and Design are also important to curtain width. Some designs can make your window feel wider and larger.

If you are looking for a design that will make your room feel larger and airy, you can choose a curtain with large patterns or designs on it. These types of curtains can help draw attention away from the window itself and make it appear as though there is more space between the window and its edges than there actually is. These types of curtains can also help create privacy without sacrificing the natural light that comes into your home through windows during the day time hours when you might be sleeping or at work during those hours when everyone else is awake!

Watercolor Floral Skull Blackout Curtain

Watercolor Floral Skull Blackout Curtain

Large designs make the window feel bigger!

We offer several different sizes with unique designs to fit almost any window size, from small to large! Our blackout window curtains are also great for covering up your windows during storms or winter months when you don’t want prying eyes to see inside your home.

With our wide selection of colors and styles, we’re sure there’s something here that will fit your needs perfectly!


Most homeowners can enjoy the sun piercing through their windows to the maximum by choosing a convenient curtain design. Choosing the correct size of window blinds and curtains can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal by making it look more attractive, beautiful and lively.

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